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Our Short-Term Objective: Seeing as we've just gotten started, our current goal is to get 30 AvA worthy (lvl30 or above) members so that we can take and hold a few hexes. We're especially in need of those who can lead a team, and every member is expected to follow orders.

Our Long-Term Objective: Our current long-term objective is take and fortify at least six hexes, so as to establish ourselves in the global arena.

Our Ultimate Objective: In the end, our goal is to establish a powerful agency capable of taking and holding hexes with well-trained and coordinated teams. We will make Levitas a name to be feared, one of the AvA superpowers, with hundreds of agents to support us.

About Us: Levitas is the Latin word for lightning. We use coordination and skill to strike quickly and powerfully. We use a military organization, with each striketeam of ten lead by a captain unless a higher ranking officer is present, and broken into two squads of five lead by lieutenants. We plan to build a powerful empire, and as such are willing to accept any member; we will take in new players and shape them into quality soldiers or teach them the nuances of the market and crafting; we'll take in crafters and supply them with resources and money generated by our facilities and agents; and we'll of course take in already experienced soldiers to help us train the newer members and, ultimately, take over the world. However, although we have a military structure, we are still run democractically so members get what they want.

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thatoperative, Jun 17, 10 12:01 PM.
Our new guild, Levitas, which means Lightning in Latin, has just been made! Our first goal will be to recruit 30 people, which should be enough to take and defend at least one hex. We need as many people as we can get!
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